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Artist Designer: Lampwork Focals
Artist Designer: Lampwork Sets
Artist Designer: Lampwork Vessels
Artist Lampwork: Candice Mathewson
Artist Lampwork: Cynthia Tilker
Artist Lampwork: Sachiko Kawakita
Artist: Polymer Designs
Bead & Findings: Sterling, Gold Filled & Vermeil
Bead: Acrylic
Bead: Bone
Bead: Cat's Eye
Bead: Cinnabar
Bead: Gemstones
Bead: Glass Antique Styles
Bead: Glass Bicone
Bead: Glass Cap Flower
Bead: Glass Cube
Bead: Glass Diamond
Bead: Glass Facet 10mm
Bead: Glass Facet 3mm
Bead: Glass Facet 4mm
Bead: Glass Facet 6mm
Bead: Glass Facet 8mm
Bead: Glass Facet Donut
Bead: Glass Facet Shapes
Bead: Glass Flower
Bead: Glass Hearts
Bead: Glass Leaf
Bead: Glass Nature
Bead: Glass Ovals
Bead: Glass Pyramid
Bead: Glass Rectangle
Bead: Glass Rondel Facet
Bead: Glass Rondels Smooth
Bead: Glass Rounds
Bead: Glass Square
Bead: Glass Tear Drops
Bead: Glass Triangle
Bead: Glass Tubular
Bead: Glass Unusual
Bead: Glass Window
Bead: Glass Wings
Bead: Lampwork Global
Bead: Pewter & Finding
Bead: Sea Creature
Bead: Seed & Bugle
Bead: Stone Pendants
Bead: Swarovski Crystals
Bead: Vintage
Beadless: Cabs
Jewelry: Bracelets
Jewelry: Ear Cuffs
Jewelry: Earrings
Jewelry: Nose Cuff

About Mary



Mary Abeid-Pratt creates colorful blends of beads that complement each other to create unique, unusual, and delicately beautiful expressions. These creations range from earrings and cuffs to bracelets, pouches, even coordinated wedding ensembles.

Unlike most jewelry, these items are neither mass produced carbon copies, nor randomly collected trinkets. Mary selects only the finest materials in her productions. Sterling Silver, 14k Gold filled findings, vintage German beads, Swarovski Austrian crystals and Czechoslovakian glass are just a few of the ingredients that go into her caringly crafted works. She uses Amethyst, Jaspers, Turquoise, even fiberoptic beads, as well.

"You name it," Mary says, "I've searched for unusual items from all over the world. These are unusual creations... I do the best I can to keep them unique and interesting."

Mary's jewelry is a true expression of simple beauty - and she is committed to ensuring that they are always high quality, original, functional and fun.



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